3 Aces Boys of Fall Online Bull Sale 12.17.18

Sale Date: December 17, 2018
Sale Location: Online Sale hosted by SCOnlinesales.com
Sale Cattle are located in Clinton, TN

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3ACES DURANGO 9647 | Registration # 3986930 | DOB: 9/15/17
Sire: BHR Durango 1158 | Dam: 3ACES West 8021
9647 What a place to start. Power and Performance with look and balance, and one of the best EPD Profile’s you can find. 9647 is the calving ease and growth super star. He ranks in the top 8% for Grid Master, top 9% for WW, top 5% for YW and top 4% for ADG . His dam 8021 is a bull raising machine, she had the best performing bull last year, and currently has one of the best bull calves on the ground this Fall.

3ACES SPUR 9627 | Registration # 3986924 | DOB: 9/10/17
Sire: Spur Gravity 601 2441C | Dam: 3ACES Fiona 4814
9627 has the muscle, depth, and power to be a big herd changer! To put simply he has it all. 9627 comes straight out of our very best cow family. Our Fiona females have been both show and sale top performers. But to top it off 9627 combines a great EPD spread with a -1.8 BW to 92 YW.

3ACES SPUR 9637 | Registration # 3986942 | DOB: 9/11/17
Sire: Spur Gravity 601 2441C | Dam: 3ACES Venus 1804
9637 Calving ease with power and pounds. 9637 has the extra bone, foot size , and skeletal width for a power bull, but still maintains the smoothness for calving ease. What a great combination!

3ACES DURANGO 9677 | Registration # 3986932 | DOB: 9/27/17
Sire: BHR Durango 1158 | Dam: TC Trissa 116A
9677 is another great combination bull of power, pounds and calving ease. 9677 is big footed , extra deep bodied , and heavy muscled. 9677 will add extra softness and foot size, in order to add more pounds to his calves. Great Spread here to: 0.5 BW to 96 YW

3ACES DURANGO 9657 | Registration # 3986934 | DOB: 9/17/17
Sire: BHR Durango 1158 | Dam: TC Tinkerbell 106Y
9657 is out of our family favorite Tinkerbell 106Y. Who just so happen to produce the 2018 NWSS Grand Champion female, owned by the Walter family in OK. 9657 is a high growth bull , with calving ease, look, and balance. Another great spread here to 0.1 BW to 99 YW. Remember length adds pounds, and pounds means more dollars!

3ACES DURANGO 9667 | Registration # 3986928 | DOB: 9/20/17
Sire: BHR Durango 1158 | Dam: TC Satin 85A
9667, easily is one of the best built bulls in the Sale! His Skeletal make up is flawless. Here is a heifer bull that will add look style and balance. If you are needing to add that extra look in your females, for the show ring ,9667 is your guy!

3ACES DURANGO 9687 | Registration # 3986936 | DOB: 10/3/17
Sire: BHR Durango 1158 | Dam: TC Blossom 115Y
9687 is another great combination bull of structural balance, growth , calving ease , and EPD profile. 9687 will be a great outcross bull , containing no , Hamley, or WEBR Doc Holliday in his pedigree.

3ACES SPUR 9697 | Registration # 3986926 | DOB: 10/1/17
Sire: Spur Gravity 601 2441C | Dam: 3ACES Nancy 9015
9697 can be the game changing heifer bull we all need. He extra long bodied, smooth built, and still maintains power and grow. Just look at his EPD spread. -2.3 BW to 94 YW, plus ranks in the top 19% for Herd Builder. Also his dam is a maternal sister to the lot 1 bull 9647. That’s one great bull producing family!

3ACES SPUR 9747 | Registration # 3986944 | DOB: 11/5/17
Sire: Spur Gravity 601 2441C | Dam: 3ACES Fiona 4213
9747 just like our lot 2 bull comes to us right out of our top cow family , Fiona! 9747 is a super sound, square made, and has that little extra look. 9747 will be safe on heifers and is just another great combination bull. Naturally soft made, heavy muscled and great set of feet and legs.

3ACES SPUR 9727 | Registration # 3986938 | DOB: 11/27/17
Sire: Spur Gravity 601 2441C | Dam: TC Mattie 119Y
9727, in my mind is the most intriguing bull of our Red Angus offering. 9727 is structurally built from the ground up to almost perfection. He is clean chested, heavy muscled , and has the show ring killer look. But most of all he is a great genetic outcross, to most all Red Angus genetics, and still adds an awesome EPD profile. This one could be big time!